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body exfoliating kese | sensitive to normal skin

body exfoliating kese | sensitive to normal skin

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Looking for a natural and effective way to exfoliate your skin? Look no further than SENDE's traditional Turkish Deep Exfoliating Body Kese.

Our high-quality keses are made with a unique Turkish weave, perfect for removing dead skin cells and revealing softer, brighter, and healthier-looking skin.

The Deep Exfoliating Sensitive-Normal Kese mitt is the real deal, with highly effective exfoliation that is totally opposite from what you'd think you'd get from such a thin and gentle seeming mitt. The open design makes it easy to wear and take off, but the tie allows you to secure the kese on any size hand. With two loops, you can hang it how you want it.

Experience the luxurious and natural benefits of Turkish kese exfoliation today ✨ or gift it to someone you believe deserves some self-care 🛁

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