Collection: peştemals

First woven in 18th century Turkey as Turkish bath "hammam" towels, peştemals are now also used as bath/beach towels, shawls, throws and home decor.

At home, they look great on practically anything. They're perfect for travel and adventures as well: they fold compact, dry quickly to prevent bacteria, can be used to sit on or to wear, and sand falls off easily so you don't take the beach home.

Our authentic Turkish peştemals are 100% cotton. They get softer, fluffier, and more absorbent with every wash.


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Common pestemal questions

How do I wash my pestemal?

First use (one time-only)...

When you get your pestemal, soak it overnight between 8-24 hours for it to "bloom". This dissapates the natural oils which cause the initial colour and woody smell. It also helps open the cotton fibres to make it softer and more absorbant.

Forever on...

Just throw it into the wash with like-colours, no fabric softener, and no bleach.

You can put it into the dryer or hang dry.

Your towels will get softer the more they are used.

I just got mine delivered, what is that woody smell and why is it more beige in colour?

Our towels are made with 100% natural cotton. The smell and colour is from the oils in the cotton when it is processed - this will disappear after washing the towel the first time. After you soak and wash the towel, it will appear just as you see in the photos here on our site.

What does it feel like?

The fabric is a smooth woven high-quality Turkish cotton. It is very flat and smooth initially but as the towel is used, it increases in softness. They truly do get better with age.