• 100% Turkish cotton

    authentically loomed

  • compact for anywhere

    carry-on friendly, car-blanket perfect, gym bag worthy

  • for anything

    gym/travel towel, picnic/baby blanket, scarf when you're cold, and more ~

  • sand falls off easily

    for a cleaner bag going home

  • before first use

    Soak your peştemal in cool water for at least 24 hours, and then wash it normally.

    This helps increase the absorbency of your peştemal. You only need to do this once~

  • how to clean

    * machine wash on a regular cycle

    * do not use fabric softeners - don’t worry, pestemals become softer the more you use them

    * tumble dry low or hang dry to prevent shrinkage. 
Tumble drying will give your pestemal more softness.