SENDE Deep exfoliating kese scrubber and mitts hanging by a sudsy bath tub and person taking a bubble bath

Because you are important

Feel-good with high quality bath and body care

As a feel-good brand we are passionate about self-care and bringing you quality bath and body products to help you feel your best. We are based in Toronto, Canada, providing products based on global self-care practices including Turkish hammam, and focus on quality, safety, and craftsmanship.

In Turkish, sen de means "you too" and sende means "on/at you". As a feel-good brand, sende/sen de is perfect since our focus is on you. We want you to feel good too, and believe that self-care looks great on everyone.

SENDE authentic Turkish body exfoliating keses and thank you post card atop their signature organic sand beige striped peshtemal towel

To share the highest-quality bath and body care


Our goal is to provide you with high-quality purposeful essentials that elevate your self-care routine and embrace diverse traditions. Our Turkish hammam products embody relaxation and renewal. Made with contemporary materials and crafted to be the highest quality by local artisans in Türkiye, SENDE products enable experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

Our keses support local women and men in our founder's father's community in Türkiye, and all our products honour centuries of tradition and proven self-care rituals.

Yeni Kaplica (New Thermal spring Turkish Bath) tiles crafted in Iznik(Nicaea). These beautiful tiles greeted ancient spa visitors in the mid-16th century using the coloured underglaze technique.

What is

The Turkish hammam experience

When you go to a Turkish bath ("hammam"), you are met with hot thermal waters which relax your muscles and soften the outer layer of skin. When ready, you put on a Turkish peştemal towel, and make your way to lie down.

Someone puts on a kese mitt and scrubs your body from head to toe, deep exfoliating to remove the outer layer of dead skin, any dirt, flakes, and blotchy spray tans, smoothing bumps and improving texture, loosening ingrown hairs, and essentially giving you a full-body massage.

Your body is then covered in luscious soap suds, washing away everything the kese left behind.

This mindful ritual gently assists the natural exfoliation process, revealing the fresher, softer, brighter, smoother skin your body has hidden, giving you a sense of refreshment and your best-feeling touchable skin.

Selin the founder of SENDE smiling with the peace sign, standing in a clear thermal pool terrace on a sunny and bright day in Pamukkale, wearing a blue sea coloured SENDE peshtemal Turkish towel, and natural thermal clay as a skincare treatment.

Hi I'm Selin,

SENDE's founder

With Turkish and Filipino ancestry, my Turkish side of the family has been living in a region known for its thermal waters, spa traditions, towels, agriculture, and taking part in hammam culture for countless generations.

My love for self-care practices has brought me on a journey to share my favourite high-quality products and homemade goods with you, through my brand which I hope resonates with people worldwide. 🍯