Deep exfoliating body keses

Experience the transformative effects of our hand-made top-quality textiles crafted by women artisans in Türkiye, for a hammam-level deep body exfoliation at home.

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  • "Makes my skin feel so smooth

    I’ve been using my kese for a few months now and am seeing a big improvement in my skin. I suffer from keratosis pilaris on my arms and legs and this has been working wonders in comparison to other products I’ve used in the past.” – Erika

  • "So easy to use and clean

    I’m active for the majority of the day it helps me clean my body and I have the softest skin after! I love using it after an all day tournament, it makes me feel refreshed!" – Everest

  • "OBSESSED with this product!

    The sensitive-normal kese does wonders to my skin! I look forward to using this every 2 weeks-ish. Makes my skin super soft and smooth!!” – Kim

Gifts & sets

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  • "I love how versatile the pestemals are!

    So quick and easy to pack when taking it to the beach and love styling the pestemal when I want to add that extra layer! Love being cozy🥰"

    – Denise

  • "Fantastic Towels

    I've been using these towels for a few months now and I love them. They look amazing and they feel really nice. Can't go wrong!” – Nick

  • "Think I’ll grab more colours!

    I use my peştemal all the time; as a blanket in the park, an impromptu sweater/scarf, beach towel.” – Mary

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    Top quality

    Our products are mindfully created for functionality and long-lasting quality you can trust. After all, self-care and body rituals are a long-term thing.

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    Authentically made

    Our products are crafted by artisans in Turkish communities where Hammam culture has been practiced for centuries.

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    For your needs

    For dryness, roughness, sensitive skin, bumps, travel, versatility and aesthetic. We do our best to ensure our body care products have you covered.